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NCJWC Toronto had occupied the two-story space at 4700 Bathurst St. since 1964.

March 1, 2018 – Pre-Application consultation meetings were held on March 1, 2018 and April 4, 2019 with City of Toronto staff to discuss the proposed development and determine the required studies, plans and other supporting materials (Page 19, Planning rationale).

2017 – 2020
– Numerous studies were conducted by the owner with the intention of site development including a Geotechnical Study and an Environmental Impact Study (with a townhouse block complex and 1-level underground parking in mind), Hydrogeological Report, Topography Survey, Storm Water Management Report, Sanitary Analysis and more. 

Oct 15, 2020 – Application (Zoning By-Law Amendment) deposited by Weston Consulting to Community Planning, North York District, City of Toronto.
* Weston Consulting – authorized planning agent for Frontdoor Developments Inc. (4700 Bathurst St. owner).
“The proposed development concept is based to numerous meetings and discussions with City of Toronto Planning and Urban Design staff. This submission incorporates the comments and deliverables raised at the Pre-Application Consultation Meeting held on April 4, 2019.”


Dec 12, 2020 – Local community members spot a public sign, erected on 4700 Bathurst Str. property. That is the day the local community learned for the first time for the proposed condo development.

4700 bathurst str
Public Notice

Dec 15, 2020 – Feb 22, 2021 – Local community members send out numerous letters with feedback to Perry Korouyenis (Senior City Planner) and James Pasternak (City Councillor).

Dec 25, 2020 – Online petition organized by a Community member, outlining reasons for opposition. 


First signatures and comments received.

Jan 13, 2021 – Interview of David Cohen, a resident of Carscadden Dr. by Andrew Palamarchuk, a reporter with Toronto Star.

Residents fighting proposal to demolish North York building with ‘rich history’ for condo development


Jan 15, 2021 – Online petition collects more than 200 signatures.

Feb 12, 2021 – City publishes a Preliminary Feedback Report containing several technical issues with the Developer’s Application:


Feb 12, 2021 – Online petition collects more than 400 signatures of support.

Feb 19, 2021 – Councillor James Pasternak delivers his letter to residents of Carscadden Dr. 

Feb 22, 2021 – Online petition collects more than 500 signatures of support.

chronology public notice

Feb 23, 2021 – Informal Public Information Meeting held online, organized by Weston Consulting with over 55 attendees.

Mar 14, 2021 – Online petition collects more than 600 signatures of support.

Dec 3, 2021 – Weston Consulting deposits a resubmission of the Application (no modifications of the Documentation)



Oct 2, 2023 – Weston Consulting deposits a Revised Development Proposal. This resubmission is intended to respond to comments from internal and external agencies, including Engineering and Construction Services, Transportation Planning, Urban Design, Urban Forestry, Canada Post, Enbridge, Metrolinx, along with members of the community.

Application URL:

Application Information Centre – 4700 BATHURST ST (toronto.ca)

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