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Negative Impact

Significant Negative Impacts on the local community and environment include:
  • Significant conflict with the location’s current By-Law (from 11.5m in height to 29.5m in height)
  • The location is outside of any designated ‘Urban Growth Centre’ areas
  • 9-storey tower (or any high-rise development) would be completely out-of-character with nearby 1 to 3-storey buildings
  • Creating a negative precedent for an unbalanced condo design in completely low-rise residential areas
  • Setting precedence all along the east and west sides of Bathurst Street between Carscadden / Ellerslie and Sheppard (park areas). The playground at Ellerslie and Bathurst could be “next”
  • Increased levels of noise, CO2 emissions, air and light pollution. Site less than 100m from Carscadden Greenbelt; Increased concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere from density intensification
  • Increased accumulated shadowing (worst for 12 adjacent houses) and unpredictable negative impact from concrete massing and glass reflections. Detrimental reflections on people, greenery and wildlife
  • Loss of numerous trees and “green space”
  • Heavy earth disturbances during construction drilling for the 2‐level underground garage, extremely close to property lines – unpredictable consequences like foundation cracks of  nearby houses, floodings and mudslides
  • Loss of existing Wildlife, especially birds
  • Services and Utilities – strain on existing municipal infrastructure – sewerage and water supply will be overloaded with (not calculated quantitively) forthcoming new 26-storey building at 4926 Bathurst St.
  • Dramatic negative impact on privacy, due to extremely minimal setbacks from property lines and overwhelming height to low grade properties
  • Shadowing that will impact most all local residences beyond accepted standards
  • Decrease in property resale values
  • Traffic and parking congestions, which will worsen an already significantly busy Bathurst Street
  • Endangered resident safety on quiet local residential streets due to increased cut-through traffic (playground at Ellerslie St. and Bathurst St.)
  • Pedestrian safety risk due to a narrow sidewalk in close proximity to the road because of insufficient setbacks
  • Extremely dangerous and congested car entry off a 2-lane Bathurst St.
negative impact


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