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A message from the residents of Carscadden Dr. and other immediate vicinities:

We, the residents of Westminster-Branson, warmly welcome new neighbors as, we, ourselves, have been once “welcomed” before…


Local developer (Frontdoor Developments Inc.) has put forth a proposal to build a 9-storey high-rise residential condo at 4700 Bathurst St. at the southwest corner of Bathurst Street and Carscadden Drive. They significantly violate the building height restrictions in force and in order to proceed with the project have therefore requested to increase the zone’s current 3-storey height limit three-fold, to allow them to build up to 9-storey. 

Our Message:

As residents, we strongly object to this proposed development and to the overall negative impact that this proposal will have on our rich heritage community. The negatives far outweigh the positives and there is no doubt that a development such as this is deeply disturbing and troubling.

We believe the Developer will reconsider and build a townhouse complex on this lot, not taller than 4 story – in full harmony with the existing surrounding low-rise structures and the character of the area.

We believe that City Planning will not tolerate such an aggressive design, which severely overloads local infrastructure in this quiet residential neighborhood  and avoid creating a dangerous precedent.

We believe that our elected officials will not break their promises and protect our properties and us, as working people with families and also our seniors, who may live in dignity and privacy and not be forced to move out.

Our History

A quiet residential sub-community in Westminster-Branson, North York (Carscadden Dr. bordering Bathurst St.). This sub-community consists of residential houses or low-rise (3-storey max) buildings. Over 40% of the community are people over the age of 50 years. There are no commercial services in the area (closest being over 1.2km away). A 9-storey condominium building in this area will significantly stress existing services and facilities and embody a seriously negative precedent for intensification of the area.

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