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Comments from our community petition (https://www.change.org/p/stop-the-proposed-condo-development-at-4700-bathurst-st-in-north-york/):

First Comment: Sam Simons Toronto, Canada 2020-12-28
“I am signing this petition on behalf of my wife Zhanna Simand and myself because the proposed construction of huge building will dramatically change the entire neighborhood life for worse. More details were sent to Perry Korouyenis in our personal letter.”

Toronto, Canada 2020-12-29
“This is a largely residential area, with semi-detached homes close to Carscadden Greenbelt. I think that once a precedent created – more tall constructions will follow quickly. I think that an immediate loss of value of the adjacent properties will follow (due to many indisputable negative factors the main one being higher density). Consequences that no one can measure or reverse easily – increased traffic ,loss of wellbeing, loss of quality of life and health, loss of mature trees and wild life. At the Bathurst and Ellerslie intersection several tragic accidents happen in the last few years and with increased traffic there is potential of more accidents to happen. We understand that initial plans were to build townhomes which will be in compliance with present Zoning By-Law. We will definitely be in favor of such plans.”

Sergei Oussenko Toronto, Canada 2020-12-30
“Erecting a 9-storey 29.5 meter high condominium building in our residential neighborhood will significantly deteriorate the quality of life of all the local community members and violate our rights of privacy. Not only will this proposed change to the by-law highly affect the landscape of our residential community which currently has no buildings higher than 4 stories nearby, if built, the proposed building will overshadow our private homes and put our properties under risks of flooding and landslides during and after the intended construction. Having such a high-raise in our private resident neighborhood, will increase the noise and pollution levels in our area and also overload the existing infrastructure of our area, as there is a low supply of grocery stores in the immediate proximity, as well there are not enough medical, educational and other facilities in the area. This will also significantly decrease the value of the private properties, including ours, located in close proximity to the address.”

Ashley Wronzberg Toronto, Canada 2020-12-30
“This does not belong in this area. There are no high rise here”

Anna Velona Toronto, Canada 2021-01-01
“I can’t believe this by-law change is even being proposed. The surrounding area does not have any buildings over 3 stories and there’s a reason for it. There is no infrastructure to support this influx of people, the Ellerslie and Bathurst intersection is already one where a lot of accidents happen, a friend of mine was hit by a car there a few years back. This is a residential community and a 9 story condo has no place here. As another comment noted on here if this by-law change is passed then it sets a precedent and will open up the floodgates to even more high rise buildings being built which our residential community cannot accommodate in the lack of existing infrastructure- this will greatly worsen the quality of living or myself and the residents of this community. I really hope our city councillor can see our concerns and help us on this matter.”

Yifat Ringel Toronto, Canada 2021-01-02
“I’m not against the development of this lot. But the building is just … how can I say it? so so ugly. No better word. Just ugly. You want to justify building a 9-storeys here? So hire the best architectural firm to design a building that can be a pinnacle for future developments in the area; one that is Built on the principle of green building design and sustainability processes.. one that is right for the street in the neighbourhood. An inspiration. One that our community can be proud of , instead of this horrendous development proposal.”

Peggy Boccia Toronto, Canada 2021-01-2
“I am in favour of the townhome proposal, but not a 9 storey condo, which would negatively impact the tenor of the neighbourhood. Bathurst is a major artery and already suffers from volume especially during the heaviest traffic times. I also question the strain on the existing infrastructure and the effects a condo would have on the property values around it.”

Sergiy K. Canada 2021-01-03
“As the resident of one of the properties this proposed 9 storey condo will back onto, I am completely opposed to it and shocked it is even being considered. This building will result in a complete loss of privacy for me and all my neighbours, and will make our backyards unusable. There will be noise and traffic at all times of day and night from cars entering the garage, and the huge building will block out the sun for a majority of the day. These are just some of my concerns, and I really hope common sense prevails and this building is not approved and built.”

Irina K. Canada 2021-01-03
“I am deeply concerned by this proposal to amend the Zoning by Law and construction of 9 storey 29.5 m. condo for 142 residences and 2 level of underground parking for 157 cars. It’s huge for existing area! There are no buildings that are over 4 storeys tall and will immediately negatively affect the near-by residents and create precedents to build more high-rise condos in our neighborhood. It will change the quality of our life forever – affect air and nature, increase noise, dust and traffic… and not bring future happiness to new residents too who will buy homes in that overcrowded area. With this entire Corona virus Pandemic we understand more about how important it is for people to get quality life with a lot of fresh air, sun and green space without pollution, traffic and overcrowding. At the beginning we heard just about future constriction of 3 storeys line of townhouses and I think is it exactly what our neighborhood needs and what all infrastructure here can support. This project makes me sad”

Venci Ivanov Toronto, Canada 2021-01-08
“If developers gave more thought towards preserving a neighbourhood feel, then I believe there’d be much less opposition. The glorification of height, at the expense of all else, has led to urban canyons. I hope there is a sense of humanity and compassion for the communities in these decisions.”

Lilia Iagodkine Thornhill, Canada 2021-01-10
“Dangerous for the community”

Tatiana Targonskaia Toronto, Canada 2021-01-13
“Construction of high building will dramatically change the neighborhood for worse. Let’s keep low rise area.”

Susan Holland North York, Canada 2021-01-13
“I live in a low rise just north of 4700 Bathurst and have for 16 years.
This is a great area and we don’t need an influx of condos to destroy it. Not only would this building be disruptive to the residential neighbourhood but it would just be the beginning. There is already a proposal to build a 26 floor mixed use building at the SW corner of Bathurst and Finch. Don’t let our area be overrun by the condo virus the way Yonge Street and Harbourfront have been.”

Gdalit Neuman Toronto, Canada 2021-01-14
“Many homes, including mine, on the south side of Carscadden are located on a cliff. The last thing we need is construction in the area which could jeopardize the stability of the foundations. This, in addition to all the other reasons mentioned in these comments (noise, pollution, construction, traffic, congestion, quality of life, limited infrastructure), are the reasons I oppose this project.”

Julie Gl Canada 2021-01-14
“I don’t want to see a condo built here. As a resident of the area, I want no condo here.”

Lorraine Ratnik Toronto, Canada 2021-01-15
“I’m signing because I share all the concerns outlined in the petition. Current bylaw should not be changed to permit this development! Maintain Integrity of existing lot!”

Lily Chiang Toronto, Canada 2021-01-17
“My family and I have lived in a home across the proposed development site for over a decade. I share many of the concerns listed in this petition and the construction of such a building would undoubtedly affect us as well as the community at large in a negative manner. To build a 9 storey building in a large residential area that does not have any of these buildings seems irresponsible and the community’s concerns should be considered by the relevant people.”

Marcine McBride 2021-01-19
“Too much development is destroying the ambiance of people’s neighborhoods, along with the natural environment and wildlife habitat.”

Marta Tchoukaleyska, Toronto, Canada  2021-03-12
“The proposed building does not fit the profile of the existing housing in the region.”

Emil Ivanov, Toronto, Canada  2021-04-2
“People should matter more than money…”

Annie Samuel, Toronto, Canada  2021-10-31
“I disagree with the bldg. due to congestion.”

Rochelle Covant, Toronto, Canada  2021-10-31
“It’s important to me.”


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